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Class Act's Heroes of Education will

Help Your School Raise Money!

Class Act’s Heroes of Education program is named for the people who dedicate their lives to the education of children and Class Act's members. When you become a member of Class Act, you are joining us in our mission to be Heroes of Education. Every financial product and digital engagement, through this site, contributes to thousands of dollars in Heroes Grants awarded to schools. Heroes Grants can be used for anything ranging from recess equipment to enhancements of technology in the classroom. 

This site is a platform where schools will be able to fundraise and share their story by engaging with their credit union, Class Act. An engagement can range from visiting a school webpage all the way to a Class Act member dedicating their home loan to a school. All these engagements earn points towards cash Heroes Grants adding up to thousands of dollars.

Class Act is proud to award schools over $230,000 over the last two years by adding a double points promotion for 2021 and 2022. Points are going back to the original values on the roadmap which may affect some historical point accumulation, please contact us if you have any questions on your point total or accumulation.

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Become a Hero of Education and Join Class Act!

The best way to help your school win up to $15,000, is to become a member of Class Act FCU and use its lending products. Doing this will directly benefit your school and you will be granted access to exclusive on average better lending and savings rates. More importantly, you will be joining a not-for-profit credit union that has been dedicated to building our education community members’ financial strength, for over 60 years.

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Digital Engagement

This site allows schools to earn a great deal of points digitally. Find your school page and click vote then send a text and email to quickly earn points. You can also share the school's page on social media so your connections can help too. Copy and paste a school's URL into social media and write an appealing caption to get more people to visit the school's page. Every unique visitor helps schools. Go to the Get Started page to see a caption example.

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What Class Act Does to Help Your School Win.

  • Every eligible school has a Heroes of Education School Page. Let us upload a video, text, and pictures to help tell your school’s story, and it is easily sharable.
  • A Class Act Coach will advise you, attend meetings and speak to your staff and parents about the program. Your coach will also talk up your school with Class Act members, who can give points to your school.
  • As we see your social media posts, we will reshare your posts. Use @classactfcu & #heroesservingheroes.
  • Post on Social Media about your school and buy Social Media ads for your school.
  • Send mass emails and texts for your school.
  • Give your school special TV coverage and special radio coverage.

Heroes Serving Heroes

Membership Benefits

  • Low Auto Loan Rates.
  • Lines of Credit for home repairs, vacations and more!
  • Earn up to $200 a year with Honors Checking.

As a member, you will have access to great products and know that your membership is going towards building a stronger education community. When you open your account online the Credit Union will get you started with a $5 deposit. Make sure to tell us what Hero of Education school you are supporting. 

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Your Vote Counts

How to Earn Points
  • Site Visit: 1
  • Email Sign Up: 200
  • Text Sign Up: 400
  • Member Auto: 12,000
  • Member Personal: 4,000
  • Member Credit Card: 7,500
  • Member Lifestyle: 3,000
  • Member Overdraft LOC: 1,500
  • Any Mortgage Product: 10,000
  • New Member Auto: 43,000
  • New Member Personal: 38,000
  • New Member Credit Card: 23,000
  • New Member Lifestyle LOC: 18,000
  • New Member Overdraft LOC: 2,500
  • New Member Account: 13,000
  • New Member Checking: 5,000

 Your Vote Counts

Earn More
1  vote Visit School URL
200  votes Email Sign Up
13,000  votes Join Class Act

Class Act- Heroes Serving Heroes

Class Act Federal Credit Union was founded in the 1950’s by JCPS educators to become a dedicated servant to our education community. Over the years, we have evolved to become the credit union for many school systems’ employees outside of JCPS and other education-based organizations, throughout Kentucky. Class Act is a not-for-profit federally insured (NCUA) financial institution that provides banking services such as car loans, mortgages, checking accounts, and credit cards to members of our education community. Since we are not-for-profit and locally based, we provide the same popular banking products at on average better rates. Furthermore, the members of Class Act are the owners so when Class Act succeeds our education community benefits through thousands of dollars in donations, resources, and savings on financial products. 

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