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1- Find Your School's Page!

Every eligible school has their own webpage, on this site. Use the "FIND SCHOOL" feature to find your school’s page. If you cannot find it email Once you find your school's page, click vote and sign up for email and text so your school will earn points. If you are not already a member join now for even more points. If you open your account online, we will deposit $5 in your account. Remember to put your school down as the Heroes of Education school you are supporting. You do not have to join Class Act to help your school but you will earn a lot more points if you do.

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2-Share your School's Page

Copy your school's URL and share it on social media, email, and text. Every time a new person visits your school's page a point is earned. Here is an example caption. "Please help my school win up to $15,000 by visiting my school's Heroes of Education page. We could really use this for updates on our computer lab."

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3-Take Ownership of Your School's Page

The schools that perform the best have that one person or team that is dedicated to winning. By uploading a video, pictures, and a mission statement to your Heroes of Education page, you will make it a special place that gets your message out to thousands of supporters. If you want to take ownership of your school's page fill out the Heroes Contact Form in the "Contact Us" section. Downloadable resources can be found below, in Heroes of Education Utility Belt.

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4- Set up a meeting with your Class Act Coach.

A dedicated Class Act branch manager has been assigned to your school. They are like your campaign manager. Your Class Act Coach will show you the best strategies and be on call to help you navigate through the program. There are a lot of opportunities and your school is not alone in this. Class Act is dedicated to helping your school win big! Set up a meeting with your Class Act Coach my filling out the Heroes Contact form in the "Contact Us" page.

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5- Communicate to staff and parents.

A mass communication to your staff and parents is essential! A school of 300 students has the potential of earning 516,000 points, which is worth $500, just by engaging their immediate community (staff and parents). Click below, in the Heroes of Education Utility Belt, to download The Heroes Email Template. Your Class Act Coach can help you with this. 

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6- Join Us!

By far, the best way to earn points is to join the credit union and use its lending products. For example, refinancing a car loan can be equivalent to engaging around 100 people to visit, sign up email and text. Besides the fact Class Act will directly benefit your school, you will get great rates on lending and savings. You will be joining a community that has been driven to support our schools and build members financial strength for over 60 years.


Heroes of Education Utility Belt

Below are downloadable resources.

Heroes Handout

Heroes Email Template

Heroes Journey

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About Heroes of Education

  • Every school in Class Act’s field of membership is auto enrolled.
  • Schools accrue points through digital engagements and products opened on behalf of the schools. 
  • A school can win between $500 and $15,000 through a 7 tiers reward program. View/download the "Heroes Journey" below in the Heroes of Education Utility Belt, to see the payout structure.

The Heroes of Education program was originally created in 2017 by Class Act Federal Credit Union to highlight the passion, drive, and knowledge of educators. The program has evolved to give schools a channel to share their message and fundraise. Through the Heroes of Education program, Class Act FCU will grow its membership and services while assisting schools in their needs. Cash “Heroes Grants" are distributed for anything from chrome books, playground equipment to renovations of a teachers lounge. 

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  • Site Visit: 1
  • Email Sign Up: 200
  • Text Sign Up: 400
  • Member Auto: 12,000
  • Member Personal: 4,000
  • Member Credit Card: 7,500
  • Member Lifestyle: 3,000
  • Member Overdraft LOC: 1,500
  • Any Mortgage Product: 10,000
  • New Member Auto: 43,000
  • New Member Personal: 38,000
  • New Member Credit Card: 23,000
  • New Member Lifestyle LOC: 18,000
  • New Member Overdraft LOC: 2,500
  • New Member Account: 13,000
  • New Member Checking: 5,000

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