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$4,500 Heroes Grant to Jefferstown High School

Ashley Conway-Academy Coach at Jeffersontown High School

"We won by in keeping in contact with Mercedes, our Class Act Coach. She helped us talk up our school’s goal, to raise money, with the members of Class Act. We also worked with Class Act to share the message of Heroes of Education on social media and through our school’s network. As members opened accounts, did loans and engaged online on behalf of our school we earned points. We want to win the full $15,000 so please find Jtown's page and click vote to support us."

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11000 Check Image Southern

7500 Check Image

7500 Check Image Foster

7500 Check Image Manual High

4500 Check Image Jtown 2 0

4500 Check Image Marion C Moore

4500 Check Image Butler

4500 Check Image Male High

4500 Check Image Semple

2500 Check Image Indian Trail

2500 Check Image Fern Creek 2 0

2500 Check Image Ballard High School 2

2500 Check Image Iroquois High

2500 Check Image Doss High School

2500 Check Image Manual High

2500 Check Image Zachary Taylor

1500 Check Image Eastern

1000 Check Image Prp

500 Check Image Shacklette Elementary 2

500 Check Image Newburg

500 Check Image Carrithers

500 Check Image Grace James

500 Check Image Western

500 Check Image Fairdale

500 Check Image Oldham County

500 Check Image Ramsey

1000 Check Image Shawnee

500 Check Image Atherton

500 Check Image Waggener High

500 Check Image Bloom

500 Check Image Westport Middle

500 Check Image Brown

500 Check Image Wilt

500 Check Image Valley

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How to Earn Points
  • Site Visit: 1
  • Email Sign Up: 200
  • Text Sign Up: 400
  • Member Auto: 12,000
  • Member Personal: 4,000
  • Member Credit Card: 7,500
  • Member Lifestyle: 3,000
  • Member Overdraft LOC: 1,500
  • Any Mortgage Product: 10,000
  • New Member Auto: 43,000
  • New Member Personal: 38,000
  • New Member Credit Card: 23,000
  • New Member Lifestyle LOC: 18,000
  • New Member Overdraft LOC: 2,500
  • New Member Account: 13,000
  • New Member Checking: 5,000

 Your Vote Counts

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1  vote Visit School URL
200  votes Email Sign Up
400  votes Send a Text
13,000  votes Join Class Act