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Find Your School

Step 1-Edit Your School Page.

Tell Your School's Story!

Class Act provides every eligible school with their own page. Your page starts out with default pictures and an introductory Youtube video. However, we want to make this your page! So send us some content and we will decorate it for you. In the form below, you can fill out your contact information and in the message field provide any of the following:

  • YouTube video link (How to get Youtube Link)
  • School Motto
  • Mission statement of your school. Tell us what makes your school special and what you will use the $15,000 for.

You can also upload pictures, like your logo, campus image and non YouTube, videos by clicking below. 

Upload Non YouTube Videos and Pictures

Edit Your School Page


Share on Social Media and Connect with Class Act.

Social media is a great place to get the word out, but you must keep at it. Your school page is easily sharable, simply copy and paste it into a post or use your mobile phone share feature. (Pro Tip) use @classactfcu and #heroesofeducation so Class Act and other people interested in the program can see and share. Fill out the below form to tell Class Act all the accounts your school has, so we can tag and follow your school. Make sure to Like and Follow Class Act on Social Media.

Follow Class Act on Facebook

Step 3-Get Your Team on Board

Invite Your Class Act Coach to a Staff Meeting.

Schedule a staff meeting, where your coach can come in person or virtually to explain how the program works to your team. This is so important! Schools get a major boost after these meetings. A dedicated Class Act branch manager has been assigned to your school. They are like your campaign manager. Your Class Act Coach will show you the best strategies and be on call to help you navigate through the program. There are a lot of opportunities and your school is not alone in this. Class Act is dedicated to helping your school win big! Invite your coach to a meeting below.

More Resources

Staff Meeting

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Step 4- Engage Your Network

A mass communication to your staff and parents is essential! A school of 300 students has the potential of earning 516,000 points, which is worth $500, just by engaging their immediate community (staff and parents). Check out the Heroes of Education Utility Belt to download The Heroes Email Template. Make sure to always copy your Class Act Coach on mass emails.

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Step 5- EARN MORE!

Whether you have always wanted to find the time to join or you are just hearing about Class Act, now is the best time to join the thousands of education community members who trust us. New members are crucial to growing our support to the education community, and score big points for schools. If you came to this site to help a school, you belong at Class Act! 

Your membership is working hard at building a stronger education community. There are still a lot of ways you can help, even more. However, your referral of your credit union is invaluable. Most new members come from direct member referrals. We would be so honored if you would share this program with your connections. Below are ways you can earn even more points for your school, as a current member.


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Step 6- Get Excited! Engage Your Base,

As you win the first two grants of $500 each. Blow that up! This is time to celebrate, create a buzz around the winnings. Excite your parents and staff. Your Class Act Coach will set up a check presentation each time you win. Make it special each time to excite your people.

Check out the Winners' Circle

At a million points you would have won $2,500 for your school. But the next goal is going to be further way than the last time. Ask your coach to schedule a meeting with Class Act’s Marketing Director to discuss TV and radio spots. This is free to your school. 

Steps 7 to Infinity and Be On!

The Road to $15,000!

At this point, you have passed 1 million points. You have a long road ahead. Heroes of Education is meant to be a constant fundraising opportunity for your school. It’s time to get even more strategic. Here are some things for you and your coach to discuss.

a.      NEW EMPLOYEES! Let us welcome them in and get them to the credit union. Class Act sponsors new employee orientation. We do work of educating them about Class Act. Show them the worth of the program and invite them to join. One new membership can be hundreds of thousands of points.

b.      Clubs, Athletics, Band, PTA- There are a lot of organizations that need funds all year long. How can Class Act partner with your school to get these groups excited?

c.      Parents- Any person related to a student can be a member (JCPS only). This means your parents and student’s family can be a huge driver of this! How can Class Act help you reach those people?

d.      Students- Class Act offers a financial education program, where every student account can open an account and learn how to use it. Every account counts towards your school!

·   SHARE! KEEP SHARING. According to the internet you should be posting on Twitter at least 3 times a day and Facebook at least once a day.

·  Have a coach meeting. What is working? Look at your page analytics. Where does most of your traffic come from? Class Act can provide you a ton of a data and advice.

· Talk to your coach about engaging with your supporters. As people visit your page, vote with text and email, Class Act adds them to your biggest fans network. We can send them messages about how to help your school even more. 

Have an unique idea? Send us your thoughts.